Nosim is a Maasai word meaning "The Sanctuary".

Don and Nancy Manor, while on a mission trip to Africa, met a Maasai Warrior: Oltetia Ole Munke, who welcomed them to his village in the Maasai Mara in Kenya. While there, the Manor's and Oltetia, (whom they called Ole because they couldn't pronounce his name) struck a strong bond of friendship which matured into a working relationship that culminated in Oltetia's 4 week visit to their home in Houston. Oltetia and his family clan consider the strong friendship that is established as being God instituted. A demonstration of The Almighty's gift of love and friendship between distinctly different and diverse cultures. Whereas Oltetia's village is small and poor, the experience it offered the Manors is rich and large. When Nancy wanted to set up a fund to assist with some of the Maasai needs, Oltetia turned around and said to her: "You are Nosim, The Sanctuary for our village". The Nosim Maasai Mission is the collaborative work of Oltetia and Nancy and is now branching out to many interested parties and volunteers who are making their contribution to the Mission.

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Don Manor, Oltetia Munke,
Nancy Manor

Board Members & Guests
Board Meeting Aug 10, 2009
Standing L to R: Pastor Dan Perry, Rib Bolton, Jacob Seeru (Maasai), Hannah Seeru (Maasai), Julie Steinbruegge, Dylan Parker, Martin Purrengel (Maasai), Darren Korte
Sitting L to R: Kim Winter, Nancy Manor, Don Manor, Penny Korte

Letters From Nosim


"He saved us and called us"
(Timothy 1:9)


     ....I was put on earth to make a contribution. I have a place, a purpose and a function.

I grew up believing that being "called" was something only the clergy or missionaries experienced. I certainly never believed that I would be doing what I'm doing, where I'm doing it and for what purpose. I had no idea that God had a plan for me that was beyond making a mission trip to Africa with my church...and yet, when I made that trip I found myself caught up in something that could only have been driven by him.

Recently our church studied Rick Warren's book: The Purpose Driven Life, and I related so much of this book to my mission experience, and I quote:
     "I now know that all of us together are Christ's body, and I am a necessary part of it." (Corinthians 12:27)

In the Chinese church they welcome new believer by saying:
     "Jesus now has new eyes to see ears to listen hands to work with...and a new heart to love others with."

I pray that my eyes, my ears, my hands and my heart will remain ever mindful of who I work for...who I serve. As for Don and I, we serve the Lord, and he has gifted us with our calling to work unfailingly for our Maasai Mission and the beloved people we serve.

Pray for us as we raise monies to bring life-saving water to the Maasai and provide the true living waters in His word, provide the children with school uniforms and dedicate a monthly sum to families in crisis.

To learn more about Nosim Maasai Mission, call the Nosim line at 618-550-1875. Don and Nancy will be delighted to speak to any programs, groups and Sunday schools to share their mission.


Nancy Manor
Published in the Methodist Revenue July 16, 2004

In Memory of Oltetia Ole Munke

Nosim Maasai Mission's Co-Founder Died.

Ole passed away on Thursday, May 8, 2008 as a result of a car accident. Please pray for him and his family.

Here are a few words from Ole to ponder:
I was named Oltetia, which means "rich man" in the Maasai language. I was lucky to receive a western education when my father sent me to school. He was a man of immense wisdom and foresight. He had made the ultimate sacrifice by not only choosing to let me go to school, but also by selling some of his prized cattle to pay my school money. I would leave my beloved home, cattle and family to go to a boarding school hundreds of miles away. Often with tears in my eyes, I went to school, in pursuit of a western education. It was the price I paid to receive the reward of my life's dream, to be able to travel and share my life with the rest of the world. Now I am able to demonstrate that you can hold a spear in one hand, a book and pen in the other. I have known the pain, hardship and struggles of growing up in my culture. When I travel the globe, I bring the message of hope and an opportunity for a new start. You can start your life again and be able to win. Race, borders, religion and education might separate us, but at the core of our being is the interconnectedness of us all. God bless you and pray that, through my story a new door will open to give you a fresh new start.

Oltetia Ole Munke

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Here are thoughts from Nosim, Nancy Manor.

The Spirit of the Maasai Man

Today there is great sorrow, deep and wide sorrow, in Maasailand, the Rift Valley, in the United States.....everywhere where thousands of people were touched by the Spirit of the Maasai Man.....the Maasai Warrior, who came into the lives of Don and Nancy Manor 7 years ago. Who became a beloved son and who has now met with tragedy and is gone from us in this place.

Yesterday, our co-founder, Oltetia Ole Munke was killed in an automobile accident. How many times I have said that Kenya will be well when it recognizes that it's greatest resource is its people. Now, Kenya has killed one on its roads. Our son survived the Thyphoid and malaria that almost took his life last year. He survived the resent crisis of violence....only to be a victim of the neglect of the intrastructure.

When we met Ole we accept our assignment from God to bring his story, the story of his beloved Maasai people, to America. And now our tears run as plentiful as the clean water in Ole's well and our sorrow deep We thank God Almighty for the privilege to call him our Son. He lives on now in the mission that he co-founded.


Nosim Maasai Mission is a non-profit organization.